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Your donation supports the maintenance and further development of Gpg4win and helps us to push the Free Software initiative Gpg4win. We are grateful for your financial contribution.
A summary of all previous donations you can find here.


Other than making donations, you could make contract and further support the development of Gpg4win!

As an engaged user you could also contract for some specific step, update, bug fix or new features. Take care that your contracted improvements will be integrated into the main development of Gpg4win.

As a company or authority contract for more extensive measures that will ensure continuation of the project. This way you will ensure sustainable availability of Gpg4win for your organization. Such measures do provide the collateral benefit of generally improving security for data exchange.

For more information please contact us.

List of sponsors

The following list shows the sponsors who donated over 20,- EUR in the years 2015 and 2016 to support the Gpg4win initiative and agreed to make their donation(s) public. Donation details and the sponsor lists for previous years are to be found in the summary of donation. (Last updated: 2016/09/30)

Sponsors 2016

100,- EUR and more

  • Klaus Elsbernd
  • Christoph Sann

< 100,- EUR

  • Christopher Focer
  • Markus Turja
  • Karl Knauer
  • Andreas Lorenz
  • Amira Marjanovic
  • Rubin Simons
  • Fifth Dimension Digital Ltd
  • Philip Geneste
  • Andreas Lorenz
  • Mike Shirley
  • Ulf Schmücker
  • Helmut Schreiber
  • Max Langbein
  • Robert Denlinger
  • Alexander Arnold
  • Timothy Rosaire
  • Jochen Teufel
  • Imre FULOP
  • EDV-Beratung Gerhard Hennig
  • Philipp Offermann
  • Tomas Ramirez
  • gregg killingsworth
  • Jack Keith Brennan
  • Volker Johnen
  • Tama Manigam

Sponsors 2015

100,- EUR and more

  • Steffen Grundmann
  • Ben Freeman
  • Ramy Raoof
  • Keino Uelze
  • Steven Davis

< 100,- EUR

  • Lilo von Hanffstengel
  • Jeremy Bartle
  • Jonathan Rosenne
  • Christoph Becker
  • Jorgen Raffnsoe
  • Gregory Mahoney
  • Peggy Gerber
  • Karl Knauer
  • Michael Koehler
  • Suheil Shahryar
  • Richard Heybroek
  • Etienne Joarlette
  • Stefan Uchrin
  • Bernd Leutenecker
  • Daniel Hall
  • Robert Coscia
  • Dr. Peter Voigt
  • Bernd Hoffmann
  • Byron Winchell
  • Ken Stone
  • Robert Zormeir
  • Michael Ohlhus-Molthagen
  • Gerry Wurlitzer
  • Encryptomatic LLC
  • Daniel Wehner
  • Grissim Walker
  • Pat Hayden
  • Mustafa El-Sumadi
  • Dan Paynter
  • John Cook
  • hanns proenen
  • Alexander Ziemann
  • David Perera
  • Whiteboard Web Development
  • Jan Šnajdr
  • David Martin
  • Kurt Bartelmehs

Sponsors in previous years

Have a look at the summary of donations.